Three British Artisan Cheeses by Rennet & Rind Cheesemongers of Cambridge


    Three slices of carefully procured British artisan cheese. Approx 250 grams per slice. Aged in our maturing rooms just outside Cambridge. Your box will contain:

    250g Baron Bigod

    250g Westcombe Cheddar

    250g Cropwell Bishop Stilton

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    Your British cheeses are lovingly aged and cared for in our purpose built maturing rooms, and hand selected every week to ensure you get the very best.


    Curated weekly by Cheesemonger, Perry Wakeman, World Cheese Judge, Affineur and Patron of The Academy of Cheese.


    Every week we provide detailed tasting notes, and if you can wait for the weekend, you’ll have a video walkthrough to accompany your box.

    The Cheesemonger’s Selection

    3 British Artisan Cheeses
    Matured in Cambridge

    The Cheesemonger’s selection box has three unique specialist artisan cheeses, lovingly aged in our maturating room here at Rennet &  Rind. Each cheese has been personally selected and matured by our very own World Cheese Judge and resident ‘Cheese Guy’ - Perry

    Enjoy on your own or why not make a fun evening of it? Connect over live video and share your unique cheeseboard experience together. Compare notes and argue for your favourite cheese! You will receive tasting notes and care instructions to get the best out of your board.

    Rennet & Rind is an Award-Winning Cheesemonger based in Cambridge, sourcing & maturing outstanding artisan cheese for over 30 years and supporting British Cheesemakers.

    Mark & Perry, both Affineurs and World Cheese Award Judges with over 40 years’ experience between them. They select & age our cheese with love & care, to enhance & refine the individual character of each cheese.

    It is more than likely that you may have already tried our cheeses and didn’t even know it. Rennet & Rind have been working with Cambridge’s best restaurants for several years, such as Midsummer House, Parkers Tavern, Restaurant 22, and Vanderlye.

    They’re also the key supplier to the Cambridge Colleges, and their cheeses are regularly served at the high table amongst the Fellows and Masters. They have also hosted numerous events with the students and educators of Cambridge to share the art & science of maturing cheese.