Family Fruit & Veg Box

£35.00 available on subscription

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Our Family Fruit and Veg Box contains:
Cauliflower (or similar large veg eg. Cabbage)
Potatoes approx 1kg
Onions x 500g
Red onion
Leek x 1
Sweet potato x 1
Lettuce x 1
cucumber x 1
Cherry Tomatoes x 250g
Celery x 1
Baby leaf spinach x 125g
Mix bell peppers x 3
Melon (or similar large fruit eg. Pineapple)
Mixed Apples x 4
Mushrooms x 250g
Oranges x 2
Blueberries x 125g
Bananas x 1 bunch
Grapes x 500g

If any items aren’t available, we’ll always replace it with a substitute and we’ll make sure the boxes are plentiful.
See something you don't like? We want you to be happy, so just let us know in the notes and we'll try and swap it out for you.